Virtual Power Plant

Benefit from a strong network

Electricity is not always worth the same amount. Thousands of members of our Virtual Power Plant benefit from this simple fact every day. Because they produce electricity when it makes economic sense and thus support the stability of the overall system. Or they consume electricity exactly when it is particularly cheap on the power exchanges. Thanks to the digital networking of electricity producers and consumers in our Next Pool virtual power plant and our access to various European electricity and balancing power markets, we coordinate the best possible use of electricity production and consumption. Discover now how participation in the virtual power plant strengthens your role in the electricity system - and how you can save costs or generate attractive additional revenues with us:


  • Direct marketing of electricity from renewable energy systems 
  • Additional revenues through demand-oriented feed-in and the provision of control energy

Batteries as part of the Virtual Power Plant

Power Storage & PtX

  • Provide control energy from electricity storage facilities 
  • Power to Gas (PtG) and batteries in the virtual power plant

Energy Services

  • Access to European power exchanges - via our in-house power trading or our trading portal 
  • Balancing group management and portfolio management