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Next Kraftwerke is the first company that operates a Virtual Power Plant in Belgium - the Next Pool - combining demand response with flexible generation and offering its services on all relevant markets. Our Next Pool links and bundles medium- and small-scale power producing and consuming units. We add flexible processes from large industrial companies to the portfolio. Thanks to our smart algorithms and market experience, we put your flexibility at work in the Belgian reserve markets, imbalance markets and short term power markets. This way the Next Pool generates additional revenues for your plant. And the best of all: it is 100% risk-free.

Become part of the Next pool to boost your revenues

The liberalised electricity system in Belgium is facing major challenges. An increase in electricity consumption and a larger share of variable renewable energy generation makes it increasingly difficult to balance supply and demand at all times. Your flexible asset can contribute to this task. Your flexible assets are valuable! We valorise your flexibility on the reserve power markets where transmission system operator Elia buys its reserves to guard the system balance. Additionally, we use it on the long-term and short-term electricity markets to optimize your production or consumption profile, sell your flexibility during price peaks, and reduce your imbalance costs.

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Why choose Next Kraftwerke?

  • Innovative technology already proven in Germany. More than 4000 installations work successfully together.
  • The Next Pool allows your flexibility to be used where it is worth most. That way it generates most revenues for you and helps stabilizing the grid.
  • We do not charge upfront installation or hardware costs for our metering and control hardware on site
  • We work transparently in a cooperative approach - Transparency is one of our key concerns.
  • Our technology is ready for the changing energy market landscape. With Next Kraftwerke you are ready for the future!
  • By offering your flexibility to the grid you contribute to transforming our system to be fully based on renewable and sustainable energy.