The power of many

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Functioning of the technology of the Next Kraftwerke VPP.

The Power of Many

We trade the aggregated power from our Virtual Power Plant on long-term, short-term, and reserve power markets. This way, we create new sources of income for all participants of the Next Pool and minimize the risk of blackouts in Belgium.

Our Way of Thinking and Working

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As part of the digital energy transition, we are shaping the future of the energy industry.

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With the aggregated capacity in our VPP, we balance fluctuations in the electricity grid.

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Networking thousands of units allows us to control them like one single power plant.

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Together with the participants in the Next Pool, we create a new energy world.





Connected Technologies


Aggregated Units

15 346


Networked Capacity

12 294

MW Q4 2022



Next Pool
Next Kraftwerke power trader

We want you!

You want to be part of one of Europe's largest VPPs and actively support the energy transition? We look forward to receiving your application!

  • Good Practice of the Year Award 2016
  • Finalist Deutscher Gründerpreis
  • Global Cleantech 100 Award 2015
  • Eurelectric Award 2015
  • Deutscher Nachhaltigkeitspreis 2015
  • Intersolar Award 2017 Next Kraftwerke
  • Hermes Award 2015
  • Smarter E-Award 2020 Next Kraftwerke
  • Next Kraftwerke Charge Award Winner 2020
  • 2021 Global Cleantech 100 Award
  • BNEF pioneers 2020 Award
  • GEA Finalist 2020 Next Kraftwerke
  • GlobalCleantech100 2020 award
  • Detecon Award
  • Entrepreneur des Jahres 2015
  • Deutschland Land der Ideen Award 2015
  • KlimaExpoNRW Next Kraftwerke
  • Energy Awards 2014
  • Eco Internet Award 2016
  • Stifterverband Forschung Entwicklung Award Next Kraftwerke
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