Thomas Voss Energielandwerker infront of wind power plants

Uncomplicated: We trade your wind turbines on the spot market of the exchange, you feed in your wind power as usual.

Benefit from a wide variety of data: Your generated power is traded on the power exchanges by our skilled team of analysts and traders. The data from our virtual power plant is essential for this: real-time feed-in and feed-out data from thousands of installations - including yours - form the basis for accurate, powerful forecasts. We also continuously update market data from various trading centres, as well as the results of our own meteorological analyses.

Gain revenue: The analysis and evaluation of all these data enables us to trade renewable electricity above the market average and thus support the market integration of decentralised systems.

The revenues from your wind energy can be achieved in two ways: Next Kraftwerke pays you the proceeds from the sale of your electricity on the electricity exchange. Our real-time data analysis enables us to trade your electricity with highly qualified forecasts particularly efficiently to your advantage. In addition, you will receive the proceeds from the sale of your guarantees of origin and your green electricity certificates. Important for us and for you: Unlike other competitors at Next Kraftwerke, we and not you bear the balancing energy risks.
Renewable energy resources wind and solar.

View performance values: You can see what your wind power feeds in and how high your revenues turn out.

Disturbance notification: In case of disturbances of your wind farm, you will be notified immediately via the app.

Report maintenance times: You can conveniently register shutdown and repair times of your turbines.

Aggregated Units

16 769Q4/2023

Networked Capacity

13 500MW Q4 2023

Volume of traded energy

15.1TWh in 2019






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