NEXTRA ist das Tradingportal für den Stromhandel und ein einfacheres Portfoliomanagement.

Analyze: Upload a wide range of data records to your account - from consumption and production forecasts to electricity volumes already procured and measurement data.

Forecasting: NEXTRA uses the data you provide and optionally live data from our own virtual power plant to forecast deviations in your portfolio and quantify the associated balancing energy costs.

Acting: With NEXTRA you can balance your portfolio in real time. You have access to marketplaces in various European regions and can participate in futures, day-ahead or intraday trading around the clock.

Preview of the electricity trading platform NEXTRA.
Monitoring Ihres Portfolios mit NEXTRA
Handel am Day ahead Markt mit der Handelsplattform Nextra.
Example of intraday trading with the trading platform NEXTRA.





Aggregated Units

16 769Q4/2023

Networked Capacity

13 500MW Q4 2023


2009Next Pool

Connected Technologies

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