Photovoltaik Betreiber vor seinen PV-Anlagen

Easy: You just feed in your electricity as usual. We take care of the rest, such as connecting your plant to the Virtual Power Plant and trading your solar energy on the electricity markets.

Forecasting: Thanks to live data from thousands of photovoltaic units in our Virtual Power Plant and thanks to our analysts and meteorologists, we are experts in forecasting the feed-in of solar power. Each unit is forecasted on an individual basis. This gives our short-term traders valuable information on the quantities they need to place on the market. The results are reduced balancing risks when trading solar power, leading again to the very competitive trading fees which we offer.

Trading: Our traders will manage your PV output as part of our balancing group and will see to optimally place your power on short-term energy markets. Being a Virtual Power Plant, our traders are especially focused on day-ahead and intraday markets which is a perfect fit for trading PV power. Thus, we can procure shortfall quantities or sell excess quantities in case the output of your PV unit deviates unexpectedly.

You receive the market gains from the Next Kraftwerke trades of your solar power, minus the trading fee indicated in the contract. The fee is very competitive compared to other offers on the market, as the Next Kraftwerke traders carry low balancing risks thanks to in-house forecasting and live data from the Virtual Power Plant. We pass these advantages on to you. Revenue from the sale of green power certificates and guarantees of origin comes from your TSO as usual.
Bild einer Solaranlage im Querformat

Load profiles: See what your PV system feeds in and what revenues you achieve.

Notice malfunctions quickly: Via app you can be notified of malfunctions and thus react directly.

Report maintenance work: Report maintenance and repair times conveniently via the customer portal.

Aggregated Units

16 769Q4/2023

Networked Capacity

13 500MW Q4 2023

Volume of traded energy

15.1TWh in 2023






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