Picutre of the Trading floor at Next Kraftwerke

Derivatives market

Medium to long-term electricity procurement via futures market products and schedules.

Spot market

Short-term optimization of your portfolio on the day-ahead and/or intraday market.

Control reserve

Marketing of standard services in your portfolio or in the portfolio of your customers.

Tranche delivery: If you have a high power requirement, it is often worthwhile to cover this in several subsets using a tranche model. By spreading your electricity procurement over the entire year, you can react to the current market situation and thus significantly reduce your price risk. Of course, you can also fix the entire quantity at low prices. You can determine the purchase dates for the tranches yourself and place your order via our market access. On request, we can also support you in the development and implementation of your purchasing strategy. This way you benefit from falling electricity prices without having to continuously observe the market.

Full Service: We handle the trading business for you. Billing is based on current market prices.

Trading: You define the time and quantity of the purchase or sale according to your requirements. You transmit your order via a secure e-mail, SFTP server, a REST interface or our customer portal NEXTRA.

You can significantly reduce your price risk with a tranche model in which electricity procurement is spread over the entire year.

Day-Ahead: You gain access to the day-ahead auction and can trade full hours or block bids for the next day according to your needs (for example, base or peak load) - from a minimum quantity of 0.1 MW up to a contractually agreed maximum capacity. The intersection of demanded and offered quantity results in the market clearing price, which is then paid out for the respective product.

Intraday: Trade power in 15-minute, hourly, or standard blocks (for example, peak or baseload). You can trade a position up to 5 minutes before maturity. The smallest tradable unit in intraday trading is 0.1 MW, and the possible price range for a megawatt hour is -9,999 euros to 9,999 euros. You receive or pay the bid price that was awarded in the respective transaction.

Balancing group management: Intraday trading offers you the opportunity to offset shortfalls or surpluses in your own balancing group by short-term, intraday trading activities. In addition, you can use short-term trading to produce the electricity of your customers' own generation plants or plants as required - and thus as profitable and system-stabilizing as possible.

Example of intraday trading with the trading platform NEXTRA.
To take full advantage of these opportunities, you should have a good overview of your portfolio and be able to forecast demand and consumption as accurately as possible. A perfect tool for this is our trading platform NEXTRA, with which you can not only manage and analyze your data, but also place your orders directly.

Control energy marketing: We connect your plants to the control system of our virtual power plant and carry out the necessary test procedure. The provision of the plants is remunerated with a standby fee, the so-called performance price. This has no effect on the mode of operation. In the event of fluctuations in the power grid, the output of the plants is adjusted accordingly and an energy price is paid in addition to the capacity price.

White Label: Would you like to act as a direct marketer and virtual power plant for your customers? No problem! We also offer you the complete management of the systems you bring in as a white label solution. From the production of remote control to the optimization of the systems to trading - we make our entire know-how available to you.

Preview of the electricity trading platform NEXTRA.
NEXTRA ist das Tradingportal für den Stromhandel und ein einfacheres Portfoliomanagement.

Data and forecasts: Perfect overview of your portfolio and forecasts individually tailored to you.

Balance group balance: Balance your balance group directly via NEXTRA.

Place Order: On the platform you can directly place your order for the intraday auction.

Next Kraftwerke gives you access to all relevant European electricity trading venues without having to make major investments or hire specialists. Next Kraftwerke can act for you at the electricity trading places and you can always keep an overview of the activities carried out for you via NEXTRA. In addition, NEXTRA offers the possibility to trade in the short and long term markets.

Next Kraftwerke gives you access to a wide variety of electricity trading places: futures market, day-ahead trading and also for continuous intraday electricity trading. These trading venues include EPEX Spot, the EEX derivatives market and international electricity exchanges such as the Austrian electricity exchange EXAA. We can also offer you access to our OTC partners and provide you with access to your flexible portfolio on the balancing energy markets.

No. For market access organised by Next Kraftwerke, there are no separate entry requirements to be met, except for appropriate creditworthiness.

Next Kraftwerke opens the door to the European energy markets. This means that you do not have to bear the costs of an IPO yourself and benefit from our know-how as an experienced electricity trading company. Market access services are the basis for using one of our other energy services and thus form the basis for saving further costs, minimizing risks or managing your portfolio more profitably. Optionally, you can use our trading portal NEXTRA and operate on the markets, analyze and monitor data.

Access costs for the various trading venues are an investment you do not want to make? Market access via Next Kraftwerke minimizes these costs. Our service fee is based on the volumes we trade for you. This means: You save the stock exchange setup costs as well as expenses for infrastructure and personnel and still have access to the market price.

With our simplest service, market access, you tell us what quantities of electricity we should buy or sell where for you or you simply trade the quantities yourself via our energy trading portal NEXTRA. Communication can take place via secure e-mail, FSTP server, a REST interface or our customer portal NEXTRA (link to trading.next-kraftwerke.com). You make all decisions yourself. Should you also wish to make forecasts about your consumers and producers as well as about price developments at the electricity trading centres, you can make use of one of our other services. We will be happy to advise you individually on the possibilities and opportunities.

Aggregated Units

16 769Q4/2023

Networked Capacity

13 500MW Q4 2023

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Volume of traded energy

15.1TWh in 2023




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