Next Kraftwerke Belgium pools distributed renewable generation and flexible demand in a Virtual Power Plant (VPP) - the Next Pool. We offer the VPP's energy and flexibility on the long-, short-term and reserve power markets. By doing so, we generate new income streams for the Next Pool participants while minimizing the risk of blackouts in Belgium.
Future proof.
Next Kraftwerke Belgium is the first Belgian company that operates a Virtual Power Plant in Belgium combining both demand response and flexible generation and offering its services in all relevant markets. We keep innovating to anticipate market evolutions. That way, we guarantee we can put your flexibility to work where it is worth most. Now and in the future.
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Next Kraftwerke developed cutting-edge algorithms to control the units in the Virtual Power Plant and trade their flexibility on all relevant markets.
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Next Kraftwerke offers solutions to the key challenges of the transformation towards an energy system based on renewable and sustainable technologies. Our virtual power plant replaces the previous role of the large centralised fossil fuel power plants, and is there to help balance a system with ever growing amounts of renewable and sustainable energy production.
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First Power-to-Gas asset linked in Next Kraftwerke’s Virtual Power Plant 21.10.2016

Next Kraftwerke’s central control system has integrated the innovative Power-to-Gas unit in its Virtual Power Plant “Next Pool” and, as of now, controls the electrolyzer in case of an excess of solar and wind power in the distribution network area. The electrolyzer, operated by Greenpeace Energy and the public utility in Bavarian Haßfurt, has a capacity of 1.25 MW and is able to produce hydrogen from excessive power generated by renewable energies. The asset will also provide control reserve to TSO Tennet.
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Next Kraftwerke is part of a project team that was awarded the Horizon2020 project BestRES funded by the European Commission 23.08.2016

Together with 10 international partners Next Kraftwerke was awarded the Horizon2020 project BestRES funded by the European Commission. The team investigates new business models for aggregators with focus on flexibility from distributed renewables, sustainable generation sources as well as demand response.
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First Belgian Virtual Power Plant replacing services of large nuclear and gas units through a network of renewable energy installations 11.08.2016

Brussels-based Next Kraftwerke Belgium successfully provides primary reserve (R1) to transmission system operator Elia by networking the power generation of many small renewable generators. With its Virtual Power Plant (VPP), Next Kraftwerke brings a new concept to Belgium and is the first to prove that renewables can offer the same demanding system services as large nuclear plants or gas turbines.
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