The share of renewable energy in the Belgian power systems is increasing steadily. Some renewable generation, like wind and solar power varies with the weather making its grid integration a challenge. In addition, renewable and other generation units like combined heat and power (CHP) are decentralized power sources while our grids are historically built to accommodate large central power stations. To maintain safe grid operation, the power system needs flexibility to match power and demand - already today but even more so in the future.

We believe that renewables can answer this challenge themselves. True, some of them are harder to control than others. However, thanks to teamwork, smart grids and integration with demand response a world in which 100% of our energy comes from sustainable sources is no longer a daydream.

Next Kraftwerke built a still-growing Virtual Power Plant (VPP) that pools several flexible units: the Next Pool. Connect your plant via the Next Box with our control center and become part of the Next Pool. Start valorising your flexibility today!