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Trading and Forecasting your PV Power

As an experienced trader of solar power, Next Kraftwerke Belgium is your gateway to the electricity markets. We can offer the most competitive rates for trading your solar power because we integrate your installation into our Virtual Power Plant Next Pool. Within the Next Pool, production at your PV installation is forecasted and traded together with power generated by thousands of other solar power plants. The result is a dynamic short-term portfolio, boosted by a data pool that constantly expands and improves forecasting results.

PV Trading and Forecasting
How does it work?

We assume all administrative and operational tasks associated with bringing your solar power to the energy markets. After receiving the necessary specifications of your PV installation, we’ll provide you with a non-binding quote for trading your solar power. Once a marketing contract has been signed, we integrate your installation into our Virtual Power Plant and start forecasting and trading.

Easy: You just feed in your electricity as usual. We take care of the rest, such as connecting your plant to the Virtual Power Plant and trading your solar energy on the electricity markets.

Forecasting: Thanks to live data from thousands of photovoltaic units in our Virtual Power Plant and thanks to our analysts and meteorologists, we are experts in forecasting the feed-in of solar power. Each unit is forecasted on an individual basis. This gives our short-term traders valuable information on the quantities they need to place on the market. The results are reduced balancing risks when trading solar power, leading again to the very competitive trading fees which we offer.

Trading: Our traders will manage your PV output as part of our balancing group and will see to optimally place your power on short-term energy markets. Being a Virtual Power Plant, our traders are especially focused on day-ahead and intraday markets which is a perfect fit for trading PV power. Thus, we can procure shortfall quantities or sell excess quantities in case the output of your PV unit deviates unexpectedly.

You receive the market gains from the Next Kraftwerke trades of your solar power, minus the trading fee indicated in the contract. The fee is very competitive compared to other offers on the market, as the Next Kraftwerke traders carry low balancing risks thanks to in-house forecasting and live data from the Virtual Power Plant. We pass these advantages on to you. Revenue from the sale of green power certificates and guarantees of origin comes from your TSO as usual.

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My Power Plant
Always up to date via app and PC

You can view and manage the status of your asset in our online customer area "My Power Plant". You can access our customer portal on a desktop computer or using our Apple or Android app.

Load profiles: See what your PV system feeds in and what revenues you achieve.

Notice malfunctions quickly: Via app you can be notified of malfunctions and thus react directly.

Report maintenance work: Report maintenance and repair times conveniently via the customer portal.

Intersolar Award 2017 for our Next Pool!

The Virtual Power Plant Next Pool is one of the "Outstanding Solar Projects” in 2017. The jury awarded the Next Pool with the prestigious award for our PV forecasting and power trading.

Numbers & Facts
Photovoltaics within the Next Pool

Aggregated Units

15 346


Networked Capacity

12 294

MW Q4 2022

Volume of traded energy


TWh in 2019







Next Pool

All under one roof

In our Virtual Power Plant, all the necessary aspects for marketing electricity come together under one roof: Our engineers, electricians, and power traders work closely with the sales and customer service teams to ensure that your solar power units yield the best returns from power trading.

  • Paul Kreutzkamp is CEO at Next Kraftwerke Belgium.

    A personal approach to answer your needs

    We listen to your individual needs and conduct an analysis of your installation’s revenue potential. Your personal contact is always available to answer any practical or technical questions relating to your solar installation’s connection to the Virtual Power Plant. With Next Kraftwerke, you can rely on smooth, stress-free service. 

    Paul Kreutzkamp, CEO Next Kraftwerke Belgium

  • David Schmich Next Kraftwerke

    Reduce imbalance risk, increase performance

    You can count on Next Kraftwerke’s experienced short-term trading team for balancing your assets on the day-ahead and intraday markets. A bit more clouds than expected, less wind injection than anticipated? 
    Our high quality forecast and proven market intelligence enables us to keep track of upcoming deviations and to counteract immediately and in the most profitable way. By bringing your portfolio closer to real-time we mitigate imbalance risks and, thus, significantly enhance the performance of your asset.

    David Schmich, Team Lead Portfoliomanagement and Origination

  • Competent and individual

    In our customer service you do not end up in a queue: we handle your concerns competently and personally - regardless of whether it is a matter of communication with the network operator or billing questions. For technical questions, our technical service is available to you in word and deed.

    Asma Beheshti, Operations Manager

  • Burak Cicekli from Next Kraftwerke.

    We connect your PV-System

    We connect your PV system quickly and easily to the data stream of the virtual power plant. With our experienced team of technicians and electrical engineers and many well-known interface partners, we bring your solar system safely into direct marketing.

    Burak Cicekli, Technical Project Manager

  • Jonas Fluhr Next Kraftwerke

    We continuously develop the customer platform further

    To ensure that our customer portal "My Power Plant" precisely meets the requirements of the plant operators, it was completely designed and implemented in-house by our development team. This also enables us to continuously integrate new features and further develop "My Power Plant" so that our customers can derive the greatest possible benefit from it.

    Jonas Fluhr, Head of IT Systems and Services