Utility services

Next Kraftwerke helps you operating your installation, plant or energy portfolio in the most optimal way. We facilitate market access to spot, OTC and futures markets. As an energy supplier we offer favorable tariffs thanks to your flexibility, which allows us to buy and sell energy competitively. If desired Next Kraftwerke supports you with your energy procurement administration. Contact us to find out how we can help you best!

Next Kraftwerke offers you

  • Market access. Take the power over your energy procurement by trading on the spot, OTC or futures markets. Next Kraftwerke provides you access to these markets and supports you in developing optimal trading strategies. You easily manage your trades via our web-based portal.
  • Power supply. We are not the classical power supplier. Our flexibility allows us to trade electricity competitively. The result: a better price for you.
  • BRP Management. We can integrate your portfolio into our balancing group registered at Elia or we create your on separate balancing perimeter. We provide all associated services as the handling of the nomination process and the imbalance settlement with Elia. Upon request we provide forecasting services for your demand and production. Combined with our market access you are independent from one supplier and can buy and sell power where it is best.
  • Utility services. Don't have the workforce to actively trade, optimise and procure your energy? Next Kraftwerke supports you with the plant dispatch, administration, and contractual workload.