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As the operator of one of Europe's largest virtual power plants and an established player in the energy markets, we have been working to develop solutions for the electricity market of the future for many years now. Our IT experts and electricity traders have consistently further developed the instruments we use for this and tailored them to the requirements of the new energy world. With the software solutions NEXTRA and NEMOCS we pass this know-how on to you.

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NEXTRA: The Trading Platform

With NEXTRA you can participate in the electricity market throughout Europe without having to invest in expensive licenses and power exchange accesses. You handle your trading transactions directly via our trading platform - e-mails, telephone calls and complex Excel sheets are no longer necessary. NEXTRA offers you an overview of current market developments and your portfolio via a user-friendly graphical interface. All relevant market information, reports and forecasts are prepared for you in a way that you have a perfect basis for your trading decisions.

Overview Portfolio overview Day-Ahead Intraday

Analyze: Upload a wide range of data records to your account - from consumption and production forecasts to electricity volumes already procured and measurement data. 

Forecasting: NEXTRA uses the data you provide and optionally live data from our own virtual power plant to forecast deviations in your portfolio and quantify the associated balancing energy costs. 

Acting: With NEXTRA you can balance your portfolio in real time. You have access to marketplaces in various European regions and can participate in futures, day-ahead or intraday trading around the clock.
Portfolio overview

In the portfolio overview, you can easily monitor your forecasts and trading transactions as well as the resulting shortfalls or surpluses. Manage all transactions online, create reports and download them or other invoices directly to your PC via the download area. With one click, these open positions can be marketed or managed at the various auctions or in continuous trading. 

On the day-ahead market of EPEX Spot in Paris, you trade electricity volumes one day before the physical delivery. You can place your short-term flexibilities in the hourly or quarter-hourly auction, depending on the price. 

Manage your portfolio on the day of delivery in continuous trading. On the intraday market of EPEX Spot in Paris, you can directly and transparently compensate for short-term forecast changes.

Would you like to know more about our trading platform? Then take a look at the NEXTRA product page

NEMOCS: The Software-as-a-Service solution for your Virtual Power Plant

With NEMOCS we offer you a complete IT solution for the construction of your own Virtual Power Plant. Our Software-as-a-Service offer is perfectly suited for the networking of decentralized systems. You can monitor and control thousands of units via the control system. This enables you not only to make forecasts for the feed-in of renewable energy sources, but also to compensate for grid fluctuations. Your advantage: With NEMOCS you use a powerful infrastructure that has proven itself in our daily work and into which all ideas that we have developed in practical application with our IT experts and electricity traders have been incorporated.

Overview Flow of data Our offer Advantages

Monitoring: In the control system, actual performance, storage levels and readiness of the systems are read out and stored live. The data can be visualized according to your own requirements via the graphical user interface. 

High-performance data processing: Price signals from the power exchanges, weather data and grid signals are processed in the control system within seconds. On this basis, optimized schedules for the operation of flexible systems can be created. 

Fully automated control: From a distance, the central control system switches each individual system to its optimum operating point and ensures compliance with the traded schedules. Individual system restrictions are of course taken into account. Timetables can be adjusted at short notice.
Flow of data

The control system is the technological heart of the virtual power plant. This is where all the information that the systems transmit in real time via M2M communication comes together. Based on this data, you know at all times how much power is available in the Virtual Power Plant. Market and network data are also processed in the control system and converted into individual control commands. For example, flexible systems can be started up and shut down as required. Based on standard interfaces, NEMOCS is open for all technologies and scalable. Data imports and exports from and to other systems are easily possible via the API interface. 
Our offer

Our Software-as-a-Service solution is modular and can be configured individually. The result is a tailor-made solution that is customized to your individual requirements and application scenarios. We offer you the following services:
  • Consulting in the planning phase
  • Connection of energy producers and consumers
  • Setting up the Virtual Power Plant according to your specifications
  • Setup and training of the desired users
  • 24/7 support
  • Implementation as a white label solution

  • No investment on your own, no costly IT infrastructure 
  • Scalable to any number of participants and deployment scenarios
  • User-friendly interface and analysis tools
  • Tried and tested in the day-to-day work of our IT specialists and traders
  • Meets the strict requirements of the German IT Security Act 
  • ISO-certified (ISO/IEC 27001 and ISO/IEC TR 27019)

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With our team of power traders, IT experts, system engineers and many other energy experts, we have been operating the Next Pool Virtual Power Plant since 2009. By intelligently controlling and coordinating the concentrated energy of the networked plants, we contribute to the stability of the energy system. As an established electricity trading company, we are also active in all major European energy markets. This concentrated know-how has flown into the development of our software solutions NEMOCS and NEXTRA. We look forward to sharing our knowledge with you.

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