Next Kraftwerke Belgium teams up with Eoly and Vanheede

Published: 19. April 2018

Next Kraftwerke Eoly Vanheeden flexible supply and energy trading Next Kraftwerke Eoly Vanheeden flexible supply and energy trading Sustainable waste management company Vanheede, sustainable energy supplier Eoly, and Virtual Power Plant operator Next Kraftwerke have teamed up to optimize management of the Vanheede energy portfolio. With its large shares of green power generated from wind, solar, and biogas sources, Vanheede is effectively a net-producer of electricity from the green and sustainable sources included in its sustainable strategy. In optimizing this strategy, the challenge was to create a contract for Vanheede that provided price security while also creating additional revenue opportunities from trading the company’s flexible power generation on the short-term and reserve power markets. 

The solution was an innovative supply contract drawn up by Next Kraftwerke and Eoly. Under the terms of the deal, Next Kraftwerke acts as the Balancing Responsible Party (BRP) and is also responsible for power trading. Eoly supplies green electricity and works with Next Kraftwerke to market the production flexibility on the spot and reserve power exchanges. Tom De Vrieze from Vanheede: “This collaboration isn’t only about creating direct value with our engines’ flexibility. It is also about lending additional support to the integration of renewables.” Power production of Vanheede’s flexible assets is monitored in real-time, as are asset restrictions such as storage, fill level, and minimum load constraints. The dispatchers in the control center of Next Kraftwerke’s Virtual Power Plant, Next Pool, increase power production when prices rise and reduce production to save fuel when prices fall. 

“We are quite fortunate to work with Eoly as the supplier. The modified supply contract allows us to work together and provide flexibility services to the client. This model is quite unique and represents a custom solution for a single client, but we believe that contracts like these will become standard in the future,” says Jan De Decker, CEO of Next Kraftwerke Belgium.


Next Kraftwerke Belgium BVBA is Belgium’s first Digital Utility operating a Virtual Power Plant – the Next Pool – both on the electricity and reserve power markets with a focus on flexibility. The Belgian installations are pooled together with flexible generation and demand and demand response in other European countries (e.g. Germany, The Netherlands, France, Austria, Poland, Italy and Switzerland) adding up to a total of more than 9000 decentral consumers and producers with a total power of more than 8,5 GW.