Next Kraftwerke Belgium, founded in October 2014, is a joint venture of two entrepreneurial engineers with the German company Next Kraftwerke. The company is co-managed by:

Jan De Decker (Co-Founder and Co-Manager)
Before taking up this challenge, Jan worked 7 years at the renewable energy consultancy company 3E in Brussels. As a senior expert in the Grids & Markets team, he specialised in the integration of renewable energy and value optimisation on the Belgian and European electricity markets. Among others, he developed a strategic tool for industrial clients to optimise their energy portfolio and contracts, helping clients with generation units and larger demand processes to make better decisions on their energy management and most importantly to directly minimize energy costs. Jan holds a Master's degree in Mechanical Engineering with a specialisation in Energy.

Paul Kreutzkamp (Co-Founder and Co-Manager)
Since the beginning of his career at the German Energy Agency (dena) in Berlin, Paul has focused on grid and market integration of renewable energies and other distributed generation. At dena he lead the Windenergie und Netzintegration Erneuerbare Energien team as project director. In 2010 he joined 3E as senior expert and project manager in the Grids & Markets team where he consulted for public and private clients in optimising the value of their renewable energy and flexibility on relevant markets or within their own portfolio. Paul holds a diploma in Physics with Economics as a minor.

Joint venture partner in Germany

In Germany, Next Kraftwerke GmbH ( is the operator of a large-scale VPP and is a certified power trader on the EPEX energy exchange’s spot market. Its VPP is composed of more than 5,140 decentralized and flexible production units and demand processes with a total capacity of more than 4 GW. Next Kraftwerke GmbH provides reserve power to all four German transmission system operators.