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Digital Solar & Storage

04. - 05.12.2018, Munich

The world is going digital – and so is the energy industry. Solar and Storage, with the help of Digitalisation, will be the backbone of the New Energy World. Now that we are moving towards clean and flexible power, heat & transport sectors, it is key to have a cross-sectoral platform to discuss the most efficient ways to succeed in the energy transition in Europe. The event will again cover the full spectrum of challenges and opportunities impacting digitalisation, solar and storage from policy, market and technological perspectives. Our Helen Steinger will participate as a speaker within the panel "How the Future Utility will Look Like ".
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Distributed Energy Resources: Digitalization & IoT Conference

28. - 29.11.2018, Vienna

This unique european forum will disclose the practical insight of opportunities for new business solutions based on IoT technology, such as the latest approaches in using of Distributed Energy Resources (DER), the role in providing low-carbon electricity and how to do it smarter, how to integrate sollar cells, thermal and electircal storage and advanced demend-response systems and make cleaner energy production. These and more questions will be discussed and help to understand and solve challenges on the way to new generations of energy. Our Malek Alouini will attend as a speaker and talk about our VPP.
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European Utility Week

06. - 08.11.2018, Vienna

The leading event showcasing expert knowledge, innovative solutions and foresight from hundreds of industry leaders, coherent with European strategy to achieve a smooth transition towards a low carbon energy supply. Our Paul Kreutzkamp will give a presentation about our Virtual Power Plant as well as our Julian Kretz and Elias de Keyser will give a lecture within the session III "Aggregation as enablers of RES producers' participation in the energy marekt".
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PJM States Energy Trends Forum

31.10. - 01.11.2018, Chicago

The Germany - PJM States Energy Trends Forum will discuss recent energy developments, deepen the understanding of common challenges in power markets and share experiences with policies designed to overcome them. With esteemed keynote speakers and participants from both the PJM and German power sector, the forum will provide a unique platform for transatlantic networking. This international exchange within a political, regulatory, and economic framework will contribute to finding solutions in a transforming energy landscape. Our Jan Aengenvoort will attend as a speaker and talk about "the role of distributed energy resources, demand response, and digitization in the electricity market".
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Asset Optimization and Energy Trading Data Analytics & IoT Forum

30. - 31.10.2018, Berlin

The Energy Trading Data Analytics and IoT Forum, will bring together business leaders, policy makers and independent experts, to address the current challenges of the digitization in the energy trading industry and discuss the big topics shaping the industry in today's ‘digital era. Harnessing the Power of Digital Disruptive Technologies in Energy Market to Boost Efficiency, Enhance Operational Processes, Increase Security and Reduce Cost of Transaction. Our Martin Linden will attend as a speaker within the panel "Decentralized Energy Trading in the Age of Digitalization".
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PowerOfDigital - Redesigning the Energy Business

02.10.2018, Berlin

PowerOfDigital gives participants the opportunity to take part in an ambitious debate on the future of our energy systems. Digitalisation brings together new types of data, analytics and automation that revolutionise businesses. At #PowerOfDigital, participants will cross-examine the exciting advances allowing for more efficient business operations through interactive Q&A sessions with panellists from the energy industry and beyond. Our Tobias Weghorn will attend as a speaker.
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WKK-CURSUS "Electrictiy and gas: system, market, trends & opportunities"

27.09.2018, Brussels

The role of the CHP in balancing the electrical system and the financial opportunities of doing so. The day includes the visit of the Elia control center. Our CEO Jan De Decker will give insight in the results of the pilot project for secondary reserves (R2, aFRR) with CHPs in Belgium.

WindEurope 2018 Conference

25.09.2018, Hamburg

This September the Global Wind Summit in Hamburg is the biggest and most important meeting of the wind industry worldwide. It combines the world’s leading expo for wind energy - WindEnergy Hamburg and the global conference of WindEurope to create a high- powered, unique platform for business, networking and information - onshore and offshore. Our Jan Völpel will attend as a speaker within the panel "The role of TSOs and DSOs in electrification and sector coupling".
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Global Power & Energy Exhibition

17. - 20.09.2018, Barcelona

The Global Power & Energy Exhibition (GPEX) will showcase the strategies and technologies needed to adapt to the global transition, and the move towards a more sustainable, low-carbon and smart energy system. GPEX will establish the framework for the global energy transition, addressing important commercial, regulatory, geopolitical and technical issues impacting the future of the power and energy industry, as well as focus on citizens, as distributed energy generation agents in this new energy model. Our Jan Aengenvoort will be panelist on the panel "Energy Efficiency and Growing Consumer Focus". He will be accompanied by his colleague Jan Völpel who will give a technical presentation on VPP technology and deployment.
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European Power Summit

14.09.2018, Düsseldorf (Germany)

This essential event will continue to provide attendees with practical insights into the European power sector. Even more focused on the market design and main drivers starting from renewable integration (solar, wind, biomass and waste-to-energy), the changing role of conventional assets (gas, coal) to smart grids, storage and distribution challenges; as well as trading, risk and regulation. Our Hendrik Sämisch will attend as a speaker and talk about "Demand response mechanism and its role today and tomorrow".
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Benelux Energy Day

13.09.2018, Brussels

Montel is proud to welcome you to its energy market event in the Benelux region. Hear key industry experts discuss latest developments influencing the Benelux energy markets. The conference will be hosted at the Hilton Grand Place. Our Paul Kreutzkamp will attend as a speaker and talk about "Aggregation in the Benelux – challenges, opportunities".
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IRENA’s 2018 Innovation Week

05. - 07.09.2018, Bonn

IRENA Innovation Week 2018 is an action-focused gathering of around 250 policy makers, leading companies and innovators from across IRENA’s diverse global membership, convened to explore how innovations in enabling technologies, business models, system operations and sector coupling can accelerate the renewable power transition. Our Jan Aengenvoort will attend as a speaker within the session "New customer in the digital world".
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Intersolar Europe

20. - 22.06.2018, Munich

Intersolar Europe is the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners. The event’s exhi­bition and conference both focus on the areas of photovoltaics, solar thermal technologies, solar plants, as well as grid infrastructure and solutions for the integration of renewable energy. We will of course participate as exhibitor and look forward to welcoming you at our booth no. 157, hall B2.
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Electrify Europe

19. - 21.06.2018, Vienna

Electrify Europe is the world’s first event dedicated to the convergence underway between the power generation and transmission & distribution sectors, driven by digitalization, decarbonization, decentralization and electrification. It will take the electricity sector in Europe forward into a new, exciting future. Our Jochen Schwill will participate at the Panel "Case Studies of Distributed Energy Integration (Part I)".
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intercharge network conference 2018

07. - 08.06.2018, Berlin

The intercharge network conference is the no.1 event for global emobility executives.
Meet the decision makers of leading companies. Connect with innovative start ups. Discuss with makers of tomorrow’s key technologies. Our Jan Aengenvoort will attend as a speaker within the Panel „Smart Energy Milestones“.
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6th European Grid Integration & Electricity Ancillary Services

23. - 25.05.2018, Amsterdam

This annual event gathers experts and decision-makers responsible for TSO markets, Market Development, Networks and Balancing, Regulatory Affairs from European TSOs, DSOs, Power Generators and Power Trading companies to brainstorm on grid stability challenges and innovations, flexibility updates, RES integration and ongoing regulations among other important issues on the agenda today. Our Julian Kretz will give a lecture about "Comparing different markets & regulations in the countries from the perspective of aggregation".
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Grids meet Renewables - Conference and Best Practice Fair

20.02.2018, Brussels

The Renewables Grid Initiative and WindEurope are inviting to the joint event “Grids meet Renewables”. The energy sector is currently undergoing a major transition, one that will have a significant impact on citizens, consumers, industry and the environment. For this transition to meet societal expectations, technological and environmental requirements, a variety of energy industry players must come together and decide how best to navigate the changing energy landscape. The event “Grids meet Renewables” will facilitate an open dialogue between the renewables and grid sectors. We will participate with a pitch and a little booth.
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E-world energy&water 2018

06. - 08.02.2018, Essen

The focus of E-world energy & water is innovative solutions for the energy supply of the future - from generation, through distribution and storage to retail, efficiency and green technologies. Numerous exhibitors present themselves at Germany’s largest Smart Energy trade fair with its focus on renewable energy and intelligent technologies - of course we will be part of it. We look forward to welcoming you at our booth no. 401, hall 1.

We will again participate as speaker within the "Energy Transition Forum" and within the "BEE-Werkstatt Energiemarkt - Vision 2025 Kick-off für die moderne Energiewirtschtaft".
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Seminar on Energy flexibility

26.10.2017, Brussels

This seminar organized by Stibbe focuses on ‘flexibility’ within the energy sector.

Marie-Christine Marghem, Minister of Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development, will give the keynote speech.

Our CEO Jan De Decker will share his experiences of sourcing flexiblity in the Benelux region: "Flexibility in the field".


IRENA event @ G-stic 2017: The increasing role of consumers in the transformation of the power sector: innovations leading the way

24.10.2017, Brussels

IRENA is organising an event on “The increasing role of consumers in the transformation of the power sector: innovations leading the way”, in Brussels on October 24, 2017, as part of the Global Science, Technology and Innovation Conference – GSTIC. The event aims to showcase and learn from emerging experiences in innovative business cases that support the power sector transformation towards a more decentralised and renewables-based system, in which consumers are at the centre.

Paul Kreutzkamp speaks during the event about the role of virtual power plants in this context.

Enabling PV integration by delivering flexibility to the energy market @EUPVSEC

26.09.2017, Amsterdam

The 2nd Workshop of the BestRES project will be organised together with the IndustRE project on September 26th, 2017 on the occasion of the 33rd European PV Solar Energy conference and Exhibition (EUPVSEC) that will take place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands, from 25 – 29 September 2017.

Next Kraftwerke Belgium will participate in the panel discussion

More details will follow.

Intersolar Europe

31.05. - 02.06.2017, Munich

Intersolar Europe is the world’s leading exhibition for the solar industry and its partners. It takes place annually at the Messe München exhibition center in Munich, Germany and focuses on the areas of photovoltaics, energy storage and renewable heating, as well as on products and solutions for smart renewable energy. Of course we will be part of the exhibition - you'll find us in hall B2, booth 333.

WKK in de glastuinbouw: evoluties en opportuniteiten

31.05.2017, Geel

Our colleague Carlos will be explaining how Next Kraftwerke valorizes the flexiblity of cogeneration on the markets for reserve power, on the intraday and day-ahead markets.

TransBio Seminarie: Flexibele elektriciteitsproductie op bestaande biogasinstallaties

20.04.2017, Mechelen

Jan De Decker talks about the benefits of operating a biogas installation as part of Next Kraftwerke's Virtual Power Plant.

European Power Generation Week

21. - 23.03.2017, Brussels

We are happy to contribute to the conference on 22 March:
- Presentation: Balancing a grid system facing a dramatic rise in variable power generation sources
- Panel Discussion: Demand response: What role should and will it play in future?

SolarPower Summit (Former Solar Market Workshop)

07. - 08.03.2017, Brussels

Next Kraftwerke joins the panel discussion on "The right market design for a system with 50% renewable power by 2030" (7/3/2017, 11:45)


European Utility week

15. - 17.11.2016, Barcelona

Over 12,000 smart energy professionals from around the world will convene for 3 days in Barcelona to share insights and catch up at what has become the must-attend international platform in the smart energy industry. Doing business, knowledge transfer, innovation and networking will be at the forefront of the three day event. During the panel "Flexibility" our Dr. Sebastian Hölemann will give a lecture about "The contribution of aggregating distributed resources to system stability" and about "Latest developments concerning the flexibility of the Grid".
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VWEA Studiedag “Ruimte voor Wind”

08.11.2016, Brussels

Our CEO Jan De Decker will explain his vision how we can integrate more wind energy into the elecrtricity grid and how wind energy can in fact support the power system.

Hoe kan het elektriciteitssysteem aangepast worden om meer windenergie te integreren en hoe kan wind het net ondersteunen?
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Smart Grid School 2016 - Smart Grid Flanders

18.10. - 20.08.2016, Brussels

The Smart Grid School gives an insight into the world of smart grids. Jan De Decker from Next Kraftwerke talks on day 2 (19/10) about the virtual power plant of Next Kraftwerke.
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Transbio Summer School

30.09.2016, Drongen

Jan De Decker talks about the role of the bio-CHP within the service wallet of a Virtual Power Plant
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1st workshop on Business Models for Renewable Energy Aggregators (BestRES)

27.09.2016, Brussels

The aggregation of distributed Renewable Energy Sources (RES) can significantly accelerate the integration of intermittent electricity sources, enhance demand flexibility and decrease the reliance on renewable energy support schemes. The discussion will focus on the benefits from collaborating with aggregators, who can be defined as facilitators between the downstream and upstream sides of the electricity markets
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Nationale WKK-ontmoetingsdag

27.09.2016, Groot-Bijgaarden

COGEN Vlaanderen organises for the second time a meeting on current and future developments in the world of cogeneration This year the topic is "Innovation". In this context Jan De Decker, Co-CEO of Next Kraftwerke Belgium, will talk about the benefits of integrating a CHP in a Virtual Power Plant. He will also take a look across the border and tell about experiences made in Germany.
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